To have the right to know God is the only crucial right for life at its fullest.

There is spiritual nourishment contained with these melodies from the forefathers of our faith, and we’re ready for more...

Mixing stories and personal experiences with information and strategic advice, Kerry Clarensau explores how to enjoy a life that soaks in love and shares it with others.

A young man flees on horseback across the Iranian border into Turkey. An entire church goes underground after their pastor is executed. A young woman encounters Jesus for the first time . . . in a dream.

You will taste the grace and greatness of God, your heart will be transformed, and He will give you the courage to step into the gaps.

Get ready to hear God clearly and to obey immediately.

A book about grace and the goodness of God in the darkest night.

There's nothing more exhilarating than living at the intersection of opportunity and decision.

Recorded live at the 7:14 Prayer Conference in March 2013 and produced by Integrity Music and Influence Resources, We Believe shows the power of God's people uniting to glorify God and seek His presence.

En este mundo tan orientado a lo que se ve, a los jovencitos los atrae al instante cualquier medio que sea visual. Por esa razón, Kingstone Comics le facilita una
oportunidad tan única y poderosa para su ministerio.

Dying Out Loud is the story of Stan, his wife, Ann, their children Elle and Stanley, and their dedication to following God no matter what the cost.

All of us face tests every day. Some are seemingly inconsequential, but others shape the rest of our lives. The challenge is to learn to see these tests from God’s perspective.

“Where is God?” Have you been there? Do you have more questions than answers? In this book, Jeff Leake gives a wealth of insights and encouragement.

Do you feel a movement of hope gaining force all around you, drawing you toward making the world a better, safer, healthier, and hope-filled place? Then you may be part of the relentless generation.

In this installment of the Live Dead series, you’ll meet 12 missionaries working among the unreached in the Arab World and pray with them for those in their countries.

Through her many years of leadership experiences, biblical illustrations, and intriguing anecdotes, Jodi Detrick encourages you to lead with confidence and authenticity no matter what obstacles you face.

The first installment of a series, this features 30 days of prayer for unreached peoples, 30 days of challenge written by missionaries who live and serve among the world's least-reached peoples in East Africa.

Authentic change isn’t something that happens for a season; it’s a commitment to undoing a habit or hang up that has subtly crept in and become part of how we do life.

Readers will finish this journey knowing that because Jesus faced death head on, overcame the grave, and is now alive in them, they are no longer bound by fear and intimidation.

Can a daughter’s relationship with her father influence her view of the Divine?


The moment our desires collide with God may seem like the end of a dream, but in reality, it’s the beginning of fresh insights and renewed hope.

Amazing Faith

In Amazing Faith, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús reminds us that no one is too lost, too evil, too wounded, or too hopeless. No one is beyond the transforming power of God’s love.

I Blew It

Brian Dollar shares his biggest mistakes he's made in kids' ministry, and how you can avoid them.

Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches

This book reveals the secrets on church planting so leaders will have the insight and confidence to complete their mission to see God's glory reflected in changed lives.

Peter Haas offers a humorous encouragement for anyone who's ever felt cynical about the church as we know it.

Rod Loy gives a new way to approach key life decisions, based on three key questions found in the book of Galatians.

From Belonging to Becoming - Mike Clarensau

Mike Clarensau shares what happened when his church asked the question: "What if we put belonging first, like Jesus did?"

Love Revealed by Kerry Clarensau

Love Revealed will open your eyes to the full extent of God’s love and build your trust in Him.

Real-life concerns of preteens collide with issues of faith (and a giant robot) in this exciting graphic novel and comic book series!

Bryan Jarrett shares how a “cycle of extravagance” transformed his experience of God and how it breathes new life into the church.

Doug Clay inspires and challenges us to find and follow God’s dream for our lives so we can make a difference in other’s lives.

Act Normal features 31 daily readings from Scott Wilson that will open your eyes to the new normal when it comes to compassion.